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Employee Story : Ankita Sah

Codersbrain presenting Ankita Sah, who believes that discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success..

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible. Ankita does a fantastic job with it.

I encounter numerous problems with data management and synchronization throughout the work. This used to result in extra work and duplication of effort. I carefully examined the entire procedure and created a detailed SOP and work allocation to address the issue. I too used to struggle with Excel, but appropriate instruction and practice helped me get over it.

I have always wanted to work on initiatives that have an effect. I had the opportunity to do the same thanks to Coders Brain. I received a tone of exposure from it, which enabled me to produce stuff I was proud of. My job enables me to shape my personality. I can perform the necessary tasks and directly contribute to the expansion of the company. It also opened up opportunities for learning while I was working, and CodersBrain gives me the chance and exposure to work on a variety of projects. It supports my sense of accountability and provides me with a defined growth strategy. There has always been on-the-job training and learning involved. I’ve gained knowledge in existing profile areas and learned new ones thanks to the codersbrain.


At first, there were antiquated procedures that caused delays in deliveries and lengthened timeframes, but we looked into them and identified the adjustments that would make them more reliable. This necessitated describing the procedure in detail and creating an action plan. My learning process was improved with Codersbrain. While performing various activities, I pick up new knowledge and abilities. Long term, such experience will make up for the wage decrease I received.

I’d like to see myself in a position of leadership where I can enhance the lives of others and fervently pursue my career.