Employee Story : Rajan Trivedi

Codersbrain presenting Rajan Trivedi, who believes that each obstacle you conquer unveils the strength and resilience within you, propelling you towards your true potential.

Challenges are not roadblocks; they are stepping stones towards your greatest achievements, Rajan does a fantastic job with it.

When I left Indusa and had two big job opportunities to join the textile industry, it was a very hard time for me. Starting again after gaining good experience was difficult, but I managed myself and overcame the challenges with the support of my family. Eventually, I got married and started working with WebSenor.

However, the situation took a turn when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and I had to work on a lower salary due to the work-from-home setup. Despite the difficulties, I persevered. Fortunately, after that phase, I received another opportunity at Paras, and my career got back on track.

As I got an opportunity at Codersbrain for team handling, it’s a very big turning point for me. Previously, I worked in corporates where the HR team consisted of only 4 or 5 members maximum. But now, I am handling 22 team leaders and 94 recruiters. That’s a big responsibility for me.

I began my career with ETHOS HR Management in July 2014 as an HR Executive. However, my family was not ready for me to move to Bengaluru, so I had to return to Ahmedabad and find a small job in consulting. After 1.7 years, I left ETHOS HR and joined an MNC as an HR Executive at INDUSA INFOTECH. While there, I learned a lot of new things and I also applied for college placements. I then received 2 offers, one of which was for Adani and other one was Mercedez Pune.

But my father got expired, so I had to come back to my hometown Banswara, and I joined here in LNJ Group at less salary in the textile industry. This time was a complete struggle. After one year, I got married and then decided to shift to Udaipur. I joined WebSenor Infotech, a small company, with very little hike. During the pandemic, I worked from home with WebSenor.

After the COVID-19 situation improved, I received an opportunity from the healthcare industry, specifically from Paras JK Hospital in Udaipur, with a good salary hike. I joined there to increase my knowledge in the healthcare field. However, due to some management issues, I had to leave Paras Hospital. I then joined Codersbrain, where I have now completed one year.

My future plan is to go back to the healthcare sector or the pharma industry, as my current plan is to learn about compliances. So, for that, I have to move ahead.

Work from home job, that is the most important thing when I have so many responsibilities. This helps me a lot. On the other hand, handling a big team is the best thing I am seeing as the biggest achievement for me.

In the future, I see myself as the Director of the company, or maybe I will start my own business, depending upon the conditions.