Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become the talk of the town nowadays and CodersBrain is your one stop shop for exploring these services. Digital marketing is a way of advertising different products and services while making use of digital technologies, especially on the Internet. In addition, other platforms such as mobile phones, display advertising, and other digital mediums can also be used for marketing. In short, digital marketing is an umbrella term for diverse kinds of online marketing efforts.

Business firms influence diverse digital channels such as Google search, emails, websites, and even social media for connecting with their potential clients. The reason is that online world has witnessed rapid activity growth in the past 20 years. In fact, people do everything online nowadays, even shopping for minor things. This is why offline marketing has lost its charm and effectiveness.

Marketing implies connecting effectually with your clients in the right place and that too at the right time! In today’s times, marketing means meeting your potential clients where they are spending maximum of their time – that is internet.

Digital marketing makes this meeting with your clients successful and lets your business grow to even distant corners of the world.

What Exactly is Digital marketing and How It Help?

Ranging from your website, emails to social media platforms, there are many aspects that fall under digital marketing. Moreover, the digital marketing experts present a clear picture of how these different aspects can be used for fulfilling one’s marketing goals.

Here are some of the common assets that fall under digital marketing. These are:

  • Blog posts;
  • Your website;
  • Online brochures;
  • Interactive tools;
  • Your social media;
  • Commercial online coverage (such as social media, review, PR);
  • Infographics;
  • Whitepapers and Ebooks;
  • Branding assets (such as fonts, logos, etc).

In addition to these abovementioned assets, there are some tactics associated with digital marketing as well. These are:

Content Marketing

This involves creating and promoting your content assets for traffic growth, increasing brand awareness, lead generation, and raising potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a process of optimizing one’s website for achieving a higher rank in the search engine pages. Higher the rank in the search engine pages higher is the organic traffic enjoyed by the website.

Social Media Marketing

This involves promoting your product or services on social media for increasing brand awareness, generating leads for your growing business, and driving traffic to your website.

Inbound Marketing

This refers to an effectual approach of luring, converting, and then impressing your clients through your online content.


This is a way of attracting more traffic by paying a third party publisher every time your advertisement is clicked.

Email marketing

This is again an imperative and effectual means of communicating with your online clients. Emails can be used for attracting customers through special discounts, content, and special events.

Online PR

Online PR makes use of commercial online coverage through one’s blogs, websites which are content based, and digital publications. It is similar to Pr though in online space.

How can CodersBrain help? 

Digital marketing forms an imperative foundation of online marketing and we CodersBrain are reinventing this field. Our packaged deal of Digital marketing is based on expertise of specialists who hold immense years of experience in the field. With our personalized and dynamic experiences, we can convert those mere visitors to loyal customers for your business.

So, pick that call and call CodersBrain now and make the most of digital marketing!

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