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Work-from-home Meal ideas that are worth a Break

Creating boundaries when your home becomes your office is difficult, and some of our
remote-working colleagues don’t schedule a mid-day lunch. According to research, 12.5% of
remote workers skip lunch entirely, and almost half take lunch during meetings a few times per

A large number of people utilize their lunch breaks for purposes other than eating, at least in
part. 72% of remote employees spend their free time doing things like walking, cleaning,
watching TV, and working out. Only you know what’s best for you, so if skipping lunch or
multitasking during your break works for you, keep doing it. Just make sure you look after

People offered a plethora of quick work from home lunch ideas, which I’ve organized into 13
popular categories. Read on if you want to try a new lunch option or want to switch up your
current favorite.

Toasts and Sandwiches

Sandwiches and toasts are simple to make with anything you have on hand (as long as you have
bread on hand), because there are so many conceivable combinations. People also like a ham
and cheese sandwich that they can take on a walk.

I personally enjoy tuna salad, smoked salmon and cottage cheese, cheese and pickles, and the
classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Stir fry!

Stir fry is another WFH lunch that may be used as a template with endless variations. Because
you set the rules for what goes into your stir fry, it’s a creative challenge to see what you can
come up with. And that’s why people adore stir fries: they’re a quick and tasty way to use up


Salads can be difficult to prepare because they must be fresher than some of the other
alternatives on this list, but they are still another easily customizable option, and you can
prepare salads for the whole week. People also enjoy salads because they change seasonally,
keeping things interesting.

We further suggest bento boxes. Several of the same elements as in a salad: nuts, veggies, fruit,
protein can be used, but they must be deconstructed.

Quick Noodles

Noodles are a terrific base for whatever you’re craving. People also prefer lunch as peanut
noodles with chili oil and a fried egg on top. Easy but delicious!

Smoothies or soups

In the summer, I substitute smoothies for muesli. They’re a terrific way to get more spinach into
your day if you’re a big kid like me. The majority of people do something similar, but with soups:

“If you live somewhere where the summers are hot and you have a smoothie blender, Spanish
cold soups (gazpacho, salmorejo, ajoblanco) are a great way to cool down. The secret is to use
around ten times the amount of olive oil that appears to be sufficient.”

Online Delivery

Restaurant delivery services such as Zomato and Swiggy are beneficial if you want to eat out
but don’t have time to leave the office. Some employers even provide remote staff with food
delivery vouchers because they can’t enjoy the occasional office potluck or Friday donut.

Some of the company’s remote employees were given credit so that we may order lunch during
orientation week. It is a pleasant gesture to greet and treat people during meetings.

Balance is Essential

As we work from home, our personal and professional lives might merge, but maintaining a
balance is critical. Taking the time to eat a meal that offers you joy—whatever that means for
you—is part of that balance.


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