We all are aware with the term SEO or Search engine optimization. It is basically the process of influencing your website’s online visibility in a search engine’s result page. However, in recent times, the search engines, their optimization algorithms, and even how the consumers search have undergone a rapid change. This can be attributed to smarter algorithms which have made search engines better.

These frequent changes make it imperative for a business firm to constantly change their SEO tactics to gain relevant traffic for their websites.

What is a praven SEO Process ?

Any SEO firm can implement those SEO tactics and strategies to get your website rank higher on the search engine page. However, there is a proven SEO process that if followed religiously can get you all the benefits.

The process includes 5 phases in all. These are:

Phase 1: Website Analysis and Evaluation of Business

It is very necessary for an SEO company to get familiar with the client’s business, the audience they want to target, and their goals. The next step then involves analyzing the website’s current content, coding, mapping, and even the keyword density. This lets the SEO understand the website’s weaknesses and strengths and improvements that need to be done.

Phase 2: Strategy as well as Goal development

The next step involves developing a customized plan for transforming the current website into a website that can rank higher on the search engine. This needs proper planning and effective use of SEO technologies.

Phase 3: Set up

This phase involves implementing SEO technical prerequisites including analytic systems, dashboards, tools, etc for effectual SEO of the website.

Phase 4: Execution

This phase involves execution of on-site and on-page optimization strategies. This process cleans your website’s wrong code, wrong content, architecture, incorrect keywords usage, and mapping, etc.

Phase 5: Ongoing Optimization

This phase involves providing on-page optimization, link-building consultation, and implementing strategies for ensuring complete success in terms of SEO for the company.

What makes CodersBrain Different?

CodersBrain is not a cookie cutter SEO service provider company, it is much beyond that. We are not among the companies that maintain a register of to-do things when it comes to providing SEO services to the client. We believe in offering much beyond our capacities to offer 100% satisfaction to the customer.

We try to understand every aspect of the client’s website and then work on it with our entire expertise. Different websites have different SEO requirements and we handle every aspect with professionalism. Every piece of information given on your website needs to be optimized perfectly with precision to make it a success story and this is what CodersBrain does.

We understand your business properly and make efforts to improve the website in every sense. SEO is an imperative aspect of digital marketing and if done properly can convert many visitors into reliable customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Calling CodersBrain can get the best optimized SEO website in affordable prices. Moreover, our professionals can give you an improved stylish website that is ideal from every aspect.

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